Thursday, September 30, 2010


It's been mentioned many times before but calories in foods always surprise me. I know cookies and ice cream have a lot. But breads? juice? crazy stuff!

So I've been thinking I'm getting a cold. I try to drink more juice but the one I have has 130calories for 8oz!

I enjoy sandwiches. I got bread that was only 40cal a slice but it like fermented before I ate half the loaf. Now I have double fiber bread which is 70cals a slice almost twice as much as the other bread. I also have 100 cals mini bagels but they're mini.

I also hardly get fru-fru drinks at coffee places. They usually make them with whole milk or organic soy milk. Then I like to add white chocolate and raspberry... it's sooo delicious. When I put the Starbucks version into the calorie counter it's 295cal! Not cool for something that goes with lunch or a snack.

What foods have you found out are high in calories? What do foods do you have to avoid?


  1. Peanut butter. 190 cal for 2 tbs. I love it and it's not unhealthy, but it doesn't take much to add up.

  2. For their size, i was surprised that potatoes are 24 calories per oz, so a regular sized potato gives nearly 200 cals...which seems an awful lot for a veggie. But hey, they are good calories right.

    On the flip-side i was surprised how few calories are in some spirits - i like the odd Gin and Tonic or a nip of a double malt whisky and these are only around 50 calories per bar measure (25ml)...they are empty calories, but if it's just a couple every now and then, who cares.

    Foods to avoid - none, just an awareness of what's going in, and moderation.