Sunday, October 10, 2010


I actually ended up not having too much on my plate today. I went to breakfast with my aunt and uncle and we talked about going on errands in the afternoon. I wanted to get my walk in first. It's 5 miles for me to walk past the hospital, to my aunt's and then home. After errands I figured they would just drop me off at home so I added a few loops on my walk to get the 5miles in before we left.

My uncle and aunt still thought I was walking home, and I also left some things at their house. Then I talked with a classmate and needed to stop by campus. So after errands I walked to campus and then home. My final total ended up being 7.34 miles!!!

Healthy dinner, some Mad Men, shower and bed!

1 comment:

  1. My hero - lol. Mad walking skills. It's very motivating. Makes me want to walk. My husband has a sore knee though and I would have to go myself (boo hoo). Oh well, it's fun to walk with somebody, but you can't count on it.