Saturday, October 9, 2010

I said yes when I should've said no

So I'll admit not seeing results may be my fault this week. My birthday is over, and my homework is not crazy demanding this weekend. But I'm in the "whatever/lala" land of not great choices. Today I decided to eat more than I needed! And I decided not to take an afternoon walk. I need to find that fire inside and push myself to JUST DO IT!

I signed up to log 100miles this month. Friday the 1st to the 7th, I got in 26.25 miles. Friday the 8th I rested, and today I did 2.52 on the treadmill. Each week the aim is 25miles so I don't have to make up a bunch on Halloween. So I still need to move 22.5 miles in 5 days! The thing is I busted my booty last week and now I want to stop. My legs ache. My butt aches. My feet ache. BLAH BLAH BLAH. This is where Jillian would make me go faster or make me cry. This is where I need to push through the pain and go! Maybe I'll put a juicy hamburger in front of me to make me just go.

Oh and I'll stop eating 1/2 of birthday cake everyday... because I finished it all today.

Even though I didn't get many miles in today I did do something AWESOME! I ran at a 6mph pace! Usually my fastest is 5mph, but today I just went. One minute at 6mph, one at 5.5, three (or one) at 5.0, then two or three at 3.5. I did 2.5miles in about 35minutes. WOOT. I'm making my way to a half marathon...with very baby steps. But still steps.

There's a saying I always think of when I don't want to work out. "Think of all the people sitting at home not doing anything." I think I need to think of a different saying "There are people busier than you running right now" I read it in another blog this week, and thought ooooooh man no more cozy couch for me. That's going to become my new saying.

What do you say that gets you out of bed and off to your workout?

Just move it move it!


  1. What gets me up and at it every morning to walk on the treadmill is that it makes me feel better. It is also my time and I do my best thinking when I am walking. Have a nice night...

  2. Getting the motivation to work out is the hardest for me too. I know in my head that it makes so much difference in every aspect of life, not just weight loss, but I just can't work up the desire to do it.