Friday, October 22, 2010


Today I saw a kid riding home from school with a backpack. The backpack said "Eat Smart. Play Hard." It's that simple!!! Eat smart, PLAY hard. Play sounds so much more fun compared to go to the gym and sweat on some machine for 30mins. Do what you love, vigorously!
I've also been thinking about the difference between being on a diet, and changing your life. It started when I watched an episode of Thintervention with Jacki Warner. One client hadn't been following the plan strictly. She instead took the advice and slowly added them to her life. Then when they had fried appetizers all the other clients freaked out! Because the other lady had been going slow and steady she was fine.

I thought about this analogy on my walk home: There are two cars going to Onederland. One goes 0-60 in 30secs and cruises the whole way at 75. The other goes the entire away at 55. The fast one has lower mpgs so even though he's way down the road he can't make it to Onederland. The other slow and steady turtle makes it all the way!!! [ok it kind of turned into the tortouise and the hare but hopefully you get the difference between lifestyle change and extreme dieting]

One more encouragement: Fitness must be Earned. This is the motto of the running club I'm in and is on the shirts we got. Here's pictures finally!


  1. Cool motto on a cool shirt. Slow & steady definitely is an approach I preech.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Liking the logo. Good point, well made.

  3. Slow & steady is a hard lesson to learn, especially in weight loss.