Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The Andromeda Galaxy OR.....

Today's Weight: 198.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Week loss: 2.8lb
Total loss: 24lb
Lbs to Nov goal: 16lb (or 9 lb)

OMG! I'm in one-derland! It's been AT LEAST 2 years since I've been this low (maybe even 2.5yr)!

Also a note: my friend's wedding is in 17 days. Trying to lose 16lbs seems extreme, like Biggest Loser 5 hrs in the gym extreme. My new goal is be under 190. That will be hard but not as extreme. I would like to be at 182 at the END of November so I think I'll keep that goal up.

I feel like I haven't posted in forever and I have pictures to upload at some point but life has been crazy. Not I'm stuck in a cave doing homework 6hrs a day but a thousand errands a day crazy. Like setting up meetings, it seems simple but when you have to run all over campus or across town to talk to someone for 2 minutes, it takes a lot out of you.

Also since I'm on cloud nine I'll tell you what I see! My astronomy lab actually got to look through the telescopes last night since it was finally clear. I looked at Polaris (the North Star), Mizar (in the big Dipper), the "coat hanger", Jupiter with 4 satellites, the Moon (through a moon filter since it's so bright) AND Andromeda! The Andromeda Galaxy! Mostly I've just heard about it from sci-fi stuff but it's pretty cool. It just looked like a blurry spot on the telescope (or a floaty I sometimes get in my eyes) But it was cool since my TA said the light we're seeing left that galaxy before humans/life started evolving. It's 2.5 MILLION LIGHT YEARS away! Craziness. That's why that picture is at the top. Although onederland is pretty special too!