Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drank my calories

On Tuesdays I have a lab from 8pm to 10pm. It's astronomy so we have to wait for the darkness to see stars :) Well usually I either bring a can of soup from home, or get a wrap from the deli. The wraps have a lot of calories but I try to get lots and lots of veggies and no cheese, and usually I plan for them.

Tonight I brought a can of Progresso Soup. The grocery store had a sale on them 1 can $1 !!!! But I wanted some crackers to go with the soup so I went to the deli. They finally got in this drink they've been advertising. Nuts and fruit in blend-y goodness.

Well it taste delicious and I'm sure my body is just soaking up the MUFAs and antioxidents. BUT BUT BUT the 16oz drink was 400 cals!

I just told you I can't control my self around peanut butter, and I hate how many calories a tortilla can have and even fru-fru coffee drinks. But a SMOOTHIE! Crazy. It wasn't thick enough for me to consider it a meal. So after my hot soup I had to drink the whole bottle of "juice".

Woe is me, I saw the ads so I knew I had to try one but I wish I had known a bottle was 400cals. Maybe that's just this week's motto. Live and Learn

...and don't be late for class. gotta go!!

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  1. I KNOW!
    my husband used to get a JAMBA every day and almost fell over when he finally checked the calories.
    I think it was about 800 and it was just a snack :)