Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Short and Sweet WWI

Wednesday Weigh IN:

Weight: 200.8lb
Week Loss: 3.2lb
Total Loss: 19.2lb
LBS to Nov Goal: 20.8

I'm certainly not going to starve myself for the rest of the month to get down to 182, but I do want to kick up butt to get down into the 180s. The scale was hoovering around 201 this morning but I saw 200.8 first so I'll take it. Just wish I was in Onederland! Next week for sure. I think my legs are going to melt completely off any minute from all the walking/elliptical-ling I've been doing, so that should take off a few pounds :)

This week I lost 3.2lbs but there was a gain before, so in two weeks I lost 1.6lb. Honestly that's frustrating since I made this huge goal. Although I want to look HOTT (2 t's look out!) for the wedding I'm not going to do anything super crazy. I know my net calories are in the right range and I'm exercising and eating well. I'll just have to wait for the goodness to catch up I guess.


  1. Congrats on the loss and you will be down to 180 before you know it..

  2. Great weightloss for the week!

    I have 9 Pounds I want to lose before the end of month, since you have a similiar time frame I though about challenging you to some kind of bet (like the one who loses the most this month has to send the other thier favorite snacks, or socks or soemthing). Except, I'm not creative so....I've got nothing!