Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My weight was up today...about 2 pounds. So I am back to 205.5. :(

I'm to blame and I know it, but I wish I had an excuse like I was allergic to everything but chocolate for 2 days! Or I broke my leg.

Unfortunately it was just that little whiny kid inside me. I was doing pretty well on my calories and exercising even though I wasn't been as good as I should've been. (Sure I can say that now but at the time I totally had enough calories to eat cake! and another piece) I get on the scale everyday but only make it official 1 day a week. Well all week my weight was above last weeks value. So my oh so smart brain/whiny brat says "You're diet isn't working, if you're going to gain wait eat whatever!!!" So I did.

It really did sound good at the time and then I find myself having to blog about it and I start doing homework!!! You know it's really bad then.

Another thing is I think I let the stress get to me. I'm really not that stressed at all but I started thinking school would stress me out ergo it did. Maybe I did need a little break but 2 candy bars and reese's pieces were 2 months worth of breaks!

Reading everyone's posts (especially Jack Sh*t talk about great timing) put me right back in that saddle!!! You can do it! I can do it!

Tonight is running club, I think we're doing some kind of relay. I'm a little off on my 5K training. I ran on Saturday and the next run is supposed to be run 10 walk 1 for 30-40mins. We went hiking on Monday, busy on Tuesday, running club on Wednesday, recovering from running club on Thursday! Ok maybe Thursday would be a good day, at latest it will be Friday. I also checked out a Zumba DVD from the library so I'll finally see what all the fuss is about.


  1. You CAN do it. Tell that whiny little kid to shut up when it wants bad foods. OR, better yet, distract it with some fun activity. You figured it out-- how you feel or think you will feel affects EVERYTHING. Learning to think good and positive thoughts is crucial and something I'm still learning also. Great job on the running!

  2. Sound just like me. I'm currently at 204 lbs and I've been up and down 2 lbs since I don't know been months. Tonight I'm going nuts though. I promised myself to go below 200s before the end of the month. If I can't do this I'm killing myself or just punishing with some boring salads or something dont know :D

    5K training! You are a runner! There is nothing you cannot do! So do it! xx

  3. YOU ARE A RUNNER and, with all fear of being too suzie sunshine, I say ignore the scale and just keep doing what youre doing.

    It can suck (technical term) but you are SO VERY MUCH ON THE RIGHT PATH.

    Its just time.

    xo xo