Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where did I put those Training Wheels?

You've hear me talk about and may have experienced yourselves the little kid brain. The "I don't wannnnaaa!!" "but I NEEED chocolate now!" "I think I broke my leg and so I'm not running....unless it's for the ice cream truck"

This past week I stopped tracking, thinking I was getting a bit stressed over having to write down every little thing. I thought it was taking up my time, and frustrating me when I'm in situations where the best option is not really best. So I took a break thinking I've been tracking since April, and by now I know what I can eat. Of course we all know knowing and doing are not the same.

I realized last week I let that little kid control me. I got to the "I can do it MYSELF, DON'T help me.......STOP! let me do it!!!!" stage. I took off the training wheels, I picked what I wanted for dinner, I stayed up as late as I wanted eating snacks........and I gained weight. I think it's mostly that "vacation" weight. Once back in the normal schedule hopefully it will go off fairly quickly [but I know it'll be much harder to leave than it was to come back].

Today I tracked my food and have consumed about 530 calories. I'm planning on keeping on my gym clothes and heading back tonight. Usually I work out after my morning shift from 9-11 but I was hungry, needed to get grocery shopping, and my landlord/aunt was coming over. I am not going to be sitting reading blogs all day for it is CLEANING day! yep, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, windows, and my favorite: vacuuming the stairs! Lucky me. Then the following in no particular order: homework, blogs, working out.


  1. Good job tracking your calories. Hope you got everything on your to do list done.

  2. Yeah, you sound way busy there. Hope it went smooth and taht you get an 'A'on that homework!