Sunday, September 19, 2010

Exercises that Should Be

I track my food on I get 1300 net calories a day, so if I exercise I get to eat more. Say elliptical 30mins I get 300 more calories, or running at 5mph and walking at 3.5mph I get 350cals. I've been noticing there are some things that are not in the database for exercises.

  • Hula hooping
  • Painting a fence
  • Running at 4mph (the lowest is 5mph)

Then more.....
  • Trying on clothes. Especially when the stores are over heated
  • Sitting in a boiling hot computer lab where NO ONE opens windows
  • Talking to that cute boy trying not to sound stupid or faint
  • Googling
  • Thinking of blog topics
  • Watching a scary movie...or this year's season finale of Grey's Anatomy
  • Getting ready to go out (blow dryer, hair straightener, and more clothes trying on)
  • Walking in and out of the room because you forgot what you went in for
  • Controlling your anger when a team member says something ridiculous
What do you think should be counted as exercise?

On a more personal note, I think I'm ready for this week. I have 1.5 homework assignments down, and am planning to work out most days. Last week I was working on a huge report so instead of going to the gym I would head to the computer lab. I have noticed I've forgotten to take my medicine a lot this past week so I have to be much more diligent about that. I went grocery shopping Saturday for healthy stuff and tomorrow I'm going to Costco with my aunt to buy lots of fruits and almond butter. I need to cook up the veggies I have this week. Know any good recipes for zucchini?

It feels good to go back and analyze the day and find little goals I accomplished. This is something I heard Jacki Warner saying on the Today show. I forgot to mention it in my previous post but her show Thintervention is 9pm (EST) on BRAVO! so that's 7pm for those in Montana. So this weekends mini goals were as follows: I've eating well both days this weekend. I went to the gym Saturday night and did assisted pull ups. MAN my arms hurt! I also got 30mins of intense elliptical. Today I didn't have specific exercise, but I rode my bike to breakfast then we went on a "tour of sheds" where we biked/walked around an eclectic neighborhood. Then homework and painting the fence for 3 hours. Tonight I did ab work as well! Eating, moving, and homework were all check.


  1. we do a lot of hulahooping around here and call it exercise :)

    the four year old crowd loves it....


  2. Does it have office chair racing?