Monday, September 27, 2010

Weights Lifting not Losing

There's a lot of training programs out there for running. C25K, magazine programs for beginners or people who want to go fast, 12 week plans for half marathons. I can follow those plans.

I need a super plan for weight training. I know a lot of exercises for my arms, abs, back, legs. I'm just not sure how much weight to lift, how many reps, or when to increase weight. I want like a couch to 6 pack plan. I'm worried I'm not being consistent enough, or lifting enough, or not working the right muscles. I've looked online and found some routines so I think I'll try those for a while.

I have 2 routines I alternate between. If I have time, I do biceps, triceps, shoulders (3 sets of 10); then quads, hammies, inner and outer legs, (3 sets); then back, chest, and delts (3 sets). Those are all on machines. If I have less time, I do more all over moves. Ab machine: 3mins, pull ups (or dips): 10, outer thighs: 1.5mins, chest: 10. Repeat 3 times.

What's your weight lifting plan? How often do you change it up?


  1. Oh gosh - I can't do weight training - it's so boring.

    Kudos to you for putting in the effort! Ever thought of trying a class? A class would probably give you lots of ideas?

  2. I just use a resistance band and bodyweight exercises (press-ups, squats, plank, etc). If you want a couch-to-6pack kinda plan you could try the 200 sit-ups plan. There is also the 100 press-ups, 200 Squats and 25 pull-ups plans which are all bodyweight exercise that work your major muscle groups....and the gradual build towards the final goal makes it seem more enjoyable, so if you like following plans i would recommend them.

  3. I love weight training check out OXYGEN magazine, they have some great workouts