Monday, September 13, 2010

Marathon not a Sprint

Life is a marathon not a sprint. Weight loss is a marathon not a sprint. Training for a marathon is a marathon not a sprint. :)

Today I was watching the Today Show with Kathy and Hoda. Jackie Warner was on plugging her show Thintervention on Bravo! She used to have a show Workout! that was more about her personal life, but this is similar to Biggest Loser. What's cool is the clients are still living at home in LA dealing with real life, not in a camp loser bubble competing for money.

During the interview Jackie of course gave some tips. The one that stuck with me was: Make little goals everyday for you to reach. Like you study for a test and ace it, so you feel great and want to study the next time too. INSTEAD of you procrastinating, then cramming, and end up failing the test, so you feel sucky and start not caring about school. Like the title it's a marathon where you have to feel awesome about each mile. It's NOT a sprint where you work hard a little bit and then TaDa your life is perfect. YEAH RIGHT!

Watching Thintervention now. Jacki just said "muscle failure is the fastest was to get tone and growth" FAILURE don't stop until you drop and can literally do absolutely no more. I've done that with hiking, to the point where my legs are really wobbly. The next day though I could still walk without pain, so I guess that's not to failure. I've done weights and felt the burn the next day, like oooh my arm doesn't like reaching that high. FAILURE THOUGH?

Maybe today when I was doing dips (with that machine that takes your weight off). I really felt my arms shaking after that, but they seem fine now. Maybe I'll try that with push ups sometimes this week... maybe. Have you ever worked out to failure?

So try thinking of things to accomplish and feel great about. Today I rode my bike to school, to the gym, to work for a total of 9miles (only a total of about 45 mins). Tomorrow? More bike riding, and I'm working on a report all day so the goal is to not go to the vending machine!

How about you what did you accomplish today? What about tomorrow?


  1. Thintervention? Haven't heard of it but am intrigued!

    Today I accomplished a healthy shopping trip, lol! 14 pounds of veggies waiting to be prepped and gobbled up this weekend! :)