Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good In, Good Out

It amazes me how easy it is to say and give advice, and how hard it is to follow said advice. I say good in = good out. I eat bad food and don't exercise for a few days then I exercise and control my eating. I get home and think oooooh I feel great! Like it's a wonder and I had no idea this could happen. A magical cure no one has ever figured out before. .... Like I've never heard this advice, like I've never written post and comments saying those exact things! Oh how the mind works!!!!

Anyways today I haven't tracked food at all. I'm going to try that for maybe a week. I think I got a little overwhelmed. I have to track, I have to work out, I have to pack lunch, I have to do homework, I have to work. I've decided to take a tracking vacation. I usually eat pretty similar things for breakfast and lunch and have about 400 calories left for dinner and snacks (before exercise). I'm going to try to only eat good things when I'm hungry, and move more. I've been slacking on the hula hooping and I'm sure there are lots of new tricks for me to learn.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH and I bought myself a present. Well I justified it but it was a present! My car stalled about a block from my house yesterday. Are you thinking didn't she just post about taking her car in and got it back Wednesday? YES YES YES! I took my car in Tuesday, got it "fixed" and picked it Wednesday. Then I drove it Thursday and it stalled out Friday! I took it to a different repair shop OBVIOUSLY! At this time I dont' have a car and I still have to go to work and school and stuff so I decided I "needed" the bike! Its gorgeous and purple and really comfy. The weather will be nice this week so I can't wait to ride it all around town (and burn some calories!)
My bike looks pretty much like this but without fenders and the back rack. And more purple in the frame.

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