Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just a few randoms

Labor day weekend is here! (almost) My aunt mentioned going to Yellowstone on Monday....since it's going to rain and we aren't going hiking so driving around Yellowstone is the next thing. I honestly am not sure about the train of thought but whatever. Whatever we do, it'll be good because the weather is supposed to be awesome and it's been rainy and cold this week.

I have an intimidating training run this week. Last week for 10 run 1 walk, I didn't do that exactly because I was running hills. The long run that week was 5 run 1 walk. The training said to go for 30 to 40mins. I did 30mins but on the other long runs I went for the longer time. It makes me nervous because tomorrow (or Saturday) is an "easy run" of 15-25 mins. I'm supposed to run the WHOLE time. The longest I've gone previously is 12mins at 5mph. I'd feel so AWESOME to run 2 whole miles in 24 mins, but I feel like I would die I tried to go that fast for that long. I'm thinking I'll start about 5mph and then slow down a little maybe every 5 mins anything so I can run for at least 20mins. Time to challenge and push myself!

Also totally not going to weigh in on Thursday. I've kind of noticed it before but REALLY today because I was thinking of changing the weigh in day. Running club is on Wednesday, so I exercise and have dinner a lot later than usual. I was under calories yesterday but gained weight this the move to Thursday not in the near future.

Have you started planning for the weekend? Hope good weather will come to you and no hurricanes!


  1. its amazing how some places are getting DRENCHED and we are dry and hothot in TX

    my plan, for now, is to grill and then hide inside :)

    Happy three day!


  2. I'm sure your run will go fine, don't push too hard. Yellowstone sounds fun.