Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weight In Maybe?

So my usual weigh in day is Wednesday at about 9am or 10am. (It's been a lazy summer) Today was classes starting at 8am! So I weighed myself this morning at 7am and was DOWN! Which is totally awesome.....but if I waited until 10am would I be down more? Should I change my weigh in day to Tuesday or Thursday so it doesn't interfere with crazy school mornings?

I think I'll tell you my weight today. Then next week I'll weigh in on Tuesday...unless it's really bad then I'll change to Thursday or back to Wednesday :)

Today's Weight: 203.8lb
Weekly Loss: 1.7lb
Total Loss: 18.2lbs

YAY ME! 20lbs gone I can't wait and I can almost see the 190s! Also I'm noticing all my pants are looser. This is great as far as progress goes. This is not great for my wallet or my ego.

See heres the thing my body and jeans are not friends. They fit in the legs, and are loose in the waist, or they fit the waist and are tight in the knees. OR they fit fine then I take two steps and POP out come the love handles and a little butt crack. Sorry but you need to understand the dire straights I'm in. I have found a pair from the GAP that fit wonderfully! But they kinda changed them so it went from 5 styles and 5 colors to 1 style and color! And they are $60!!!! Which is fine for the quality and that it's well fitting BUT as a college student I wear jeans everyday, I can't spend that much! It gets frustrating. Fat Girl vs World had a recent post about having a hard time shopping. I read her post, then went up stairs to get dressed and BAM no jeans fit. I guess when it rains it pours, so watch out readers for your own dressing challenges. :) At least it's for getting smaller and not the other direction.

Well I'll try to get some good stuff this weekend, and keep my mind on the progress I've made and not how annoying shopping can be.


  1. Congrats on the loss. I too have clothes issues in general that are aggrevated with weightloss. The upside is I am still proud of my losses!

  2. OH the 190's are oh so close now... so close, right there. Yep, with losing comes the need to spend. But it is a good problem to have. Nice work, keep on get it done!