Friday, September 3, 2010

Awards and Games!

Whoops. Meant to take a short afternoon nap and fell asleep on the couch for 3 hrs. AAAHHH holiday weekend. Still need to go to the gym tonight though to do that 20min jog...or at least go for a long walk.

I got an award on Sunday and then was tagged by Luke in a blogger game. I figured I'd roll them both into one!
Yummmmmmmy Cupcakes! I feel sweeter already.
The Rules:
1) Thank the person you got this from: THANKS Raegun! I love the music on your blog and hearing how your journey is going.
2) 10 Things You Like:
1. naps
2. reading
3. mangoes (newest favorite fruit)
4. going to school
6. shopping
7. toast with butter and a little raspberry jam
8. dancing
9. movies
10. When the seasons change. I don't have a favorite season but I love those first changes, the first yellow and orange leaves and that crispness in the air, the first snowflakes, the first blooms, the first hot summer day.
3) Nominate 10 people (I'll do that a bit later)

Now onto the game from Luke. This game requires me to answer 8 questions asked by the tagger and in turn write 8 new questions and tag 8 people.

1)What is your favorite song quote?
"I believe in the sand beneath my toes
the beach gives a feeling an earthly feeling
I believe in the faith that grows"
Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
I never knew how much I'd miss the beach until I moved out of Michigan into Indiana then Montana.

2) What is your favorite exercise or workout?
I love the arc trainer because I burn so many calories. I can burn 500cal in a 1/2 hr. I love the hula hooping too but I'm bored after about 10mins. Yoga really loosens me up so I do it once a week. I love lifting weights because it makes me feel strong and I can invite people to the "gun show" (tickets $5). I guess I just love variety!

3) Favorite place to go on vacation and activity to do?
I haven't really had a vacation lately. I've gone home which is nice too see family and hang out on the beach but definitely a different kind of vacation. When I used to take vacations during school with my family, wherever we'd go we'd walk around and learn about the place, like Salem, MA or the National Redwood Forest. In short I like going somewhere new and walking around.

4) Do you collect anything, if so what and how did it start?
Not really. The closest would be books, I'm a library fiend! And books sales WATCH OUT! My family gives them as gifts for everything and with books you can try something new easily. I have exercise books, chick lit, and biographies. I'll read anything.

5) Hardest obstacle you have had to overcome in your weight loss/fitness/training goals?
HHHHMMMMM I believe it was thinking I was doing enough and not losing weight. That was so frustrating and made me feel completely lost. Once I started the blog and the calorie counter, I really became committed and could vent my feelings and see where to step it up.

6) What do you do now and if you could choose any career what would it be?
Now I'm a student who works at a gym. Any career? I have NO idea that's why I'm still a student. I love working in the labs and in the field so I'm going into geotechnical engineering. But I also love teaching physics and seeing students get that AHA moment where it all clicks so I'm also taking classes for my teacher certification. The best job? maybe one with a lot of traveling and a lot of money and a lot of time for me to spend that money!

7) If you could choose and exotic animal to have as a pet what would it be?
I'm not really a pet person. In school I remember briefly learning about sun bears. They're really small so they always look like teddy bears. That'd be fun. Or a unicorn!!!

8) Do you use a reward system for your goals, (formally set or not) and if so what is your favorite reward?
I have a goal/rewards program. I bought a swimsuit when I hit 208 and I'm getting excited for something new when I hit 200...maybe a bike or shoes or jeans....ohhhh! Daily I do let myself have treats. Sometimes it's nice not to think about what I have in my house so once every 1-2 weeks I'll go to Pita Pit and get a club with black olives and ceasar dressing. At home I also usually have super dark chocolate in the house. I'll eat 2 squares which is only 110-150 calories but it's a good snack in the afternoon or after dinner. It's rich enough that 2 feels like enough of treat. I do watch myself and eat slowly and wrap everything up before I even take a bite of my portion.

My turn:
We'll do 8 people to receive the Happy 101 award AFTER they answer these 8 questions :)
1. Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
2. We all are happy with the lives we have mostly, but if you could change one thing/regret in your past what would it be (giving you a new present or magically putting you in the same spot)
3. What was your favorite subject in school?
4. What's your favorite book?
5. Why did you start blogging along with the other changes in your life?
6. What's your next big fitness goal?
7. Even when your dieting or clean eating what CAN'T you give up?
8. (stole this from Dr. Phil's book) When you reach your goal how do you want to feel?

In no particular order: (well ok the order you were on my dashboard)
You're all and inspiration to me and I love reading your blogs!


  1. Thank you for the award! And congrats on getting it! :)

  2. Physics huh. Ienjoy it too.My kids are getting a taste of it in school now & I keep telling them that physics is cool, but they aren't so fast to agree.

    The award looks good on you!