Thursday, August 5, 2010

WWI ... reporting on Thursday

I did weigh myself yesterday. I just got in the "I'll post later" mode and ended up hitting the town until the wee hours then going straight to bed. so drumroll....

Weight: 212
Weekly Loss: +2.0lb :(
Total Loss: 10lb

Ok I blame vacation. And also that person who was controlling me after vacation and telling me not to go to the gym and not go buy healthy food. Thankfully MovingMertle is back! I've gone to the gym or workout at home for 5 days in a row! (for a while it was like 2 days then nothing) OK last night I had more drinks than I needed and stayed up late. My eating was pretty good. Then today I had 4hrs of volunteering, 3 hrs of work, and now I just want to sleep. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, super gym time, then Big Bad Voodoo Daddies concert! Saturday is a 5K run, work, and volunteering. Whooo I'm ready to change this slow trend downward to a drop off a cliff! (well a reasonably sloped hill side)

Today I got my wedding invitation! Official date Nov. 6th. 92 days! I'm going for at least 21lbs (1.5lb per week) but awesomer would be 30lb! I plan on upping my cardio and weights, cutting back on carbs, and increasing water, fruits, and veggies. Nothing new that I haven't said in the last week BUT I really mean it! I have a definitive date and goal. [And a few shout outs from the readers THANKS!!!]

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  1. Gaining 2 pounds on vacation isn't bad.......AND the fact that you have come back from vacation stronger than ever is the BEST antidote for those two pounds! Nov. 6....30 pounds eh??? I'm gonna aim for the same thing with you!