Friday, August 6, 2010

2 post in 1

1: Sleep Problems :(
I have been having so much trouble sleeping. I think this is for multiple reasons. I'm living all alone and that makes me nervous, even though I'm in a very safe town. My brain doesn't ever stop, I may take to my doctor about adjusting some medicine and hopefully that will help. Right now I have trouble not only falling asleep but also staying asleep. I toss and turn a lot and wake up tired. My cousin comes back in 1.5 weeks so that's not too long. I'm just not sure what to do right now. You don't sleep well, so you take a nap, then you can't sleep the next night, and the problem just keeps getting worse. Of course sleep is essential for weight loss too! I've read so many magazine post about sleep being good for you, like apples and running. Any suggestions to help you go to sleep? Or things I should avoid?

2: Super cool Challenge!
I mentioned my goal of losing 30lbs in 91days and now MaryFran wants to join in too! YAY!!!! You can join in too. We're here for support, encouragement, and competition. I'll tell you when I read MaryFran's comment about joining me I thought "Oh man this is really REAL, I can't phone it in since she'll be holding me accountable"

Now I'm wondering what to do. Should I start a new diet or just be mindful of what I'm eating? I've done South Beach, Flat Belly, and also just cutting out flour and sugar. (like processed stuff not fruit sugars) My boss at the gym is a personal trainer as well so I think I may ask her for some tips or get a session.

Oh man I was thinking of going to the local fair to watch Shakespeare in the park. Then I looked at the weather and a huge green radar blob is right above me! I guess I have no excuses to skip the gym. Well I'm off! MaryFran I hope you're keeping up!


  1. I'm not sure what to say about the sleep, hopefully it gets better when your cousin gets back. Certainly I wouldn't suggest any medications to help, but if you think it may help certainly discuss with a doctor.

    So cool you have a buddy there to hold you, hold each other, accountable. Myself I wouldn't do a certain diet, but you may if you feel moved to doso. Just being mindful to eat balanced/portion controlled meals and get in meaningful exercise will do the trick. My sense is people often use a specific 'diet' and expect that diet to do the work. And then when it doesn't produce the results desired, we blame the diet. Myself, with just smart eating & exercise, I can only blame myself if I don't progress because it is all you need to do to lose weight inmy opinion.

  2. I'll go just a bit further out on the limb than Patrick (but also, I'm not a doc!). Why not go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about simple over-the-counter sleeping pills? They have such a negative image, yet they are very regulated and if taken in proper (or smaller doses), it might help you temporarily.

    Good luck.

  3. Sorry about the sleeping problems. Good luck with those!

    I'm planning on getting out on my bike today! I'm not gonna let you leave me in the dust with this weight loss thing! :-)

    As for eating. I would say nothing drastic (ie cutting something totally out of your life). I would recommend a nice balanced diet. Monitor portions and make healthier choices (fruit or veggie for a snack versus chips). What it all boils down to is calories in versus calories out.

  4. I'm in to natural cures, so first I suggest an evening ritual like a warm soak in the tub, or something else relaxing to remind your body and your brain that sleep time is coming. Don't do anything stimulating though, like surf the internet or watch TV. I've read that lighting helps to, so start dimming the lights as the bedtime nears again to trigger the body/mind that sleep time is near. These things take time though so don't give up after just one or two nights.

    There are also teas that help induce sleep. Those might be worth checking out.

    Good luck.

  5. Thanks for your sleep advice everyone, I just wanted to say I'm not going to start some crazy new medicine but will talk with my doctor about adjusting my current doses.

    You all said what I didn't want to hear, haha. I like diets because you don't have to think as much just follow the food guide or menu. But you are all right I will be more considerate about portions and do this all on my own!