Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Good, The Bad(ass), and The Ugly

The Good:
I ran a 5K this morning. Although not my personal best I'm happy with my time of 42mins. My quads hurt a lot of the time but there were message people set up afterwards. My breathing was pretty good so hopefully when I figure out what's going on with my quads I'll be able to rock out my next 5K. On Monday I'm going to start the 5K program by Fitness. I went to work after my mini massage and vacuumed under all the treadmills. Those are hard to move! I also worked in a tent selling kettle corn and lemonade. Have you stood ne
xt to a large hot kettle quickly cutting lemons? HHHOOO boy hot 'n thur!

The Ugly:
I wanted to make a happy sandwich so the really ugly stuff got moved to the middle. Yeah I went to the fair and went all out! Even though I moved a lot today I went a little over the top with my eating. I tried to make the pic of my food journal large but it's still small. Here's all I had at the fair: Apple Pie a la mode, sausage in side a baked potato with sour cream bacon bits and chives, and garlic bread, then a brownie sundae for dessert. I went over my calorie limit by 1064! I really really really didn't need the sundae but I had the cash and just felt like it. It did taste delicious the entire time. But now it's really really really time to lock down my eating. As you can tell I'm good at exercise, but not eating. Hence I'm MovingMertle, not HealthyEatingHelga! This is why I wanted to start a diet because someone else make the decisions about what I should eat. I just need to go grocery shopping for good eats, and avoid temptation for a while. Veggies, Fruits, Water. Veggies, Fruits, Water. Veggies, Fruits, Water!

The Bad(ass)
I got a Henna tattoo! I've been considering a tattoo but they're permanent so I want mine to mean something important. As a trial run I got this henna tattoo which will get a bit darker then fade as my skin renews itself. It goes all around my ankle with the swirlies and little stars. The main part is the circle with the star inside. It is the Adinkra symbol for transformation. I'll look at it and be reminded of my journey....ya know starting after todays blip. I'll also think of all the people who are going through the same things and those who have come out successful.

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