Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today I received an email about doing some sort of giveaway with CSN stores. The only time I've heard about them is when 2 other bloggers had giveaways for giftcards. I don't want to miss a great opportunity but I don't want to get scammed either.

To the bloggers who have had contact with CSN what was your impression? How did everything go?

To everyone else, what kind of give away would really get you motivated (and tell everyone to join my site)? A dvd pack, a kitchen kit, a giftcard. What do you need?


  1. CSN is great to work with! Very good customer service. Usually you can either give away a gift certificate or you can choose something to review!

  2. I ignored the CSN offer I got. I usually ignore those why market in my face. If i want something I know where to go. I'm likely a bit narrow minded there, perhaps I just havent come to see giveaways as part of what I need for motivation.

  3. I did a giveaway for CSN recently. I was a little concerned about getting scammed to, but so far as I know, the blogger that won it got her gift card. I got cc'd on the notification, but I don't know if she's tried to cash it in or not. Near as I can tell, there has been no harm done to my blog.

    I had the choice to do a giveaway or review a product. I chose the giveaway because I thought I'd get more response from my readers. I also have a bunch of exercise equipment already, so I didn't want something else to have to store!!!

    I say go for it, if you want to.