Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 2 of 5K training done!

Today on the 5K training was walk 2min run 5 for 30mins. I ran for a total of 20mins and would've run away from the treadmill at the end if I wasn't so tired. Throughout the workout I listened to Dane Cook's Harmful if Swallowed. I enjoy listening to this or a book on tape since they engage me more than a song does. Sure songs can pump me up and I love singing along but if I listen to my playlist for too long all I'm thinking about is the end of each song. It's the same thing with long car rides, breaking it up into 3 min songs or 30min chapters. Helps the time go by. I know the other gym goers think I'm a little weird when I'm saying things [out loud] like "He's dead, I knew it. They totally shouldn't have gone back to his creepy house" I've listened to this Dane Cook record on so many drives and workouts I have my own personal routine to go with it, what I would do if I was on stage delivering those lines. Today I was laughing along with the CD and doing my hand motions, and would say I can't look at the clock until the joke is over!

But then that last 5 min run hit. I was going 4.9mph and dying. I knew it was mostly mental but I had to keep telling myself to keep going and not quit since there were only 3 mins left. But my brain was like "I think my knee hurts, or my quad, or my arches" Dane Cook stopped being a distraction. So I decided to move over to my workout playlist. The first song it played is my absolute favorite workout song and I got through the rest of the running interval. Part of me thought I could go longer...but the brain didn't want to mess with the training schedule.

So what's my go to song? "It's Tricky" By Run DMC. I first heard it in a kickboxing class I took in high school. I would requested the CD with it on it. Then a couple of summers ago I started running a bit and I told myself I had to run when that song came one no matter what! It probably helps that it's only about 2.5mins long too. I know almost every word and sing it when I'm at an event which doesn't allow headphones. I think learning the dance from the movie "White Chicks" is my next project....maybe a future project after the wedding weight loss.

What do you work out to? What's the go to song?


  1. "I met this little girlie, her hair was kinda curly..."

  2. I love to listen to books, particularly mysteries or books with some type of intrigue. They keep me a little more engaged, so I don't start wondering if I've pulled a hamstring or something.

    Congratulations on toughing it out mentally and running the full time.