Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ok week 3 on the wedding challenge. My results are good not great.

Weight: 205.5lb
Weekly loss: 1lb
Total Loss: 16.5lb

Ok I know I should be happy for a loss that large, it's not like .2 or I gained's not on schedule. I like sticking to plans and having everything fall into place. And usually when that doesn't happen, I eat. Obviously that would totally wreck this challenge so I won't do that. It's only one week but it worries me. I know the more weight you lose the harder it gets to lose, and I'm not even in school yet. What's going to happen when I'm stressed about school and 10lbs lighter? Will I reach a plateau? I'm freaking out about the future! I'm stressing about being stressed LATER....gee wonder why I ate myself to 240 in college? Maybe it's time for some yoga, I also may talk to my boss about a personal training session since she's a trainer.

SO I have 72 days until the wedding, and 23 lbs for my goal of 30lbs gone. Well that number was decided a few weeks ago so it would actually be a total of 40lbs gone. Also I originally said I wanted to lose 22lbs but decided to make it a challenge of 30lbs. If I wanted something easy to slack at I would've kept that 22 number. But that's not what great blogging is about! It's about challenging yourself on the inside and the outside. [And apparently giving yourself pep talks]

Ok so I just calculated the weight I need to lose each week AND it's the original number I had [2.25lbs per week]. Why didn't I do that before I wrote this whole blog? hahaha I feel better now

Well in case I need it later, what do you do to get past a plateau or slump?


  1. When I get to a slump, I go over my journals to see what I can do different and maybe increase my exercise. We all hit them though and you will get through this one. Congrats on the wedding.

  2. Slumps are inevitable...Just keep at it. Try switching it up a bit. When I'm in a fitness rut I take new classes, hire a trainer for a few sessions, etc.

    Keep at it girl :) You're gonna be a BEAUTIFUL bride!

  3. Plateaus are mysteries really. Yes, as Debbie says review your past week; was it as good as it could have been? If not, tighten up those slack areas. If it seemed like a solid week, then as lauren says keep at it. Plateaus seem to go away when they want to. Just don't do anything seriously reactionary like cut your calories in half. Keep on keep'n on!

  4. In response to your last comment on my blog, I've never tried the protein cake with PB but I have tried it without PB Flour and it was just as delish :)