Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Personal Record

I set a new personal record hula hooping! I know you’re jealous. My past longest time was 4 min and 50 secs. Today I was OVER 5 mins. I don’t know the seconds because there isn’t a clock with a second hand in the hula hooping room. Tomorrow I’ll try for 6mins!

Today was the first workout on the Fitness 5K training. It’s the 2nd day since the first day was a rest day for some weird reason. Walk 2min Run 2. Thursday is Run 2 walk 2. I do have the running club tomorrow, so I’m not sure if I’ll work my hardest or do the 2 run 2 walk. What do you think?

Also I’ve recently reduced my calorie intake. Which is great for the future goal, but I’m hungry now! It always seems like the hardest thing to cut down calories but then after a few days I’m fine. Just have to get through this speed bump.


  1. jealous and IMPRESSED.

    I love me my hula hoop.

    have a great time at HLS.


  2. I am so impressed!! Way to go!! I hope that you are able to get 6 mins tomorrow!!


  3. Hmm, I like a good challenge, but this hula hooping challenge I am not sure I stand a chance at. For now I will stand here in awe of your hula hooping ability and slap you a high five for a great PR!

  4. You are my hula hoop hero! I could never get the hang of it myself!