Monday, August 9, 2010


I ate at least 6 servings of fruits and veggies, drank like 20 glasses of water, worked out, and tried to move more at home like using the hula hoop! My weight was down this morning which really makes eating healthy easier.

But here's my conundrum: How come when I put healthy food on the bottom shelf I forget about it, BUT when I put unhealthy foods there I remember them and know exactly how much is left?

This topic came up as I was making dessert today. Friday I headed on down to the fair. Unfortunately I didn't have dinner beforehand, so when I found the stall with samples I had like 20! The stall was Sweet and Saucy, serving caramel and chocolate dipping sauce. I ate so much I felt like I HAD to buy some. So I brought home rum caramel, white chocolate strawberry, and autumn spice caramel. They are all soo good. I haven't gone crazy with them don't worry. Just 2 tablespoons a night for yummy dessert.

When I got home I put the sauces in my "forgotten" cabinet, right next to those crackers I bought in July, LAST July. Unfortunately this has not made me forget those sauces. After breakfast, I start thinking about 8:30pm and my banana foster! Such is life, I have to keep the temptation at bay. Everything in moderation!

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  1. You should leave yourself a note in your fridge! So that you will remember what is on the bottom shelf.