Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hoops and Whoops

After I posted yesterday I did the hula hoop. I must have been in some magical zone because I went for drum roll please...... 15 minutes!!! Talk about smashing the 6min goal. I just kept swinging those hips and the hoop stayed up. It was only 15 mins but afterwards I had to sit down, drink some water and put my legs up. My legs were sooo tired, all from just standing and swinging my hips.

Yesterday was all go go go. At running club I ran/walked 1 mile in 14.5 mins then walked for another 30mins while waiting for a friend to finish her 3.25 mile run. I made chicken and beans for dinner. I did have a few cookies at the snack table after the run, but I still stayed under calories for the day.

This morning was not as good. I had some really weird, worrisome, angry dreams. Then I just couldn't get out of bed. All I have to do today is work at 4, and I just laid in bed thinking I could just stay there until 3:30. I always force myself to get out of bed and watch Regis and Kelly. I'm not sure why but it's my personal motivator, I have to out of bed by ten. I still felt like staying in bed so what did I have for breakfast? Fruits? cereal? oatmeal? NO I had white chocolate strawberry sauce. I finished off the jar totaling 450 cals. I didn't really feel guilty afterwards, more like I wanted another jar. BLAAAAAAAAAH that describes today. I vacuumed under the couches and all the stairs. Now I'm going to walmart and my aunt's office and then work. I'll try to make this day productive and act like I have lots of energy. Ya know fake it til I make it!

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  1. So, the binge is overwith...move on with your day and work those calories in.