Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just keep swishing….

Ya know what Dori says in Finding Nemo “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” Well today that was my saying. I went to wal-mart and got new headphones, and a heart rate watch (see below). I filled out some forms to get information about purchasing my gym. The owner lives about 2 hours away and doesn’t have time to check on it like he would like to. I just want to see what the possibility is for it.

After work my ankle hurt a bit so I didn’t want to return to the gym and run on it. I decided to hula hoop for a little bit. This morning I went for 18mins. I thought I would be able to maybe get to 20mins. Once I got started I just kept going and going and going. I thought about stopping and saying I was tired. But if it’s going for a personal record you just can’t quit. You have to keep going until your body feels like spaghetti!!! Well go get the pasta sauce because I hooped for almost 35mins!!! See exact time below on my new watch. Also you can see how surprised and amazed I am by this.


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