Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

I was working on the title for these posts, ya know something short and sweet. But I don't think the abbreviation WWI would be very inspirational. Although many would consider this journey we've all started, continued, and are struggling on the "war to end all wars". But still I'm not sure I can really compare my little life to the real WWI. Maybe Weigh in Wednesday WIW. or Weight on Wednesday WOW...I'll keep working on it. This is turning into a random post about words and figuring out weird quirky things. Like I just realized the word sewer, means either the poop tube or the person who makes dresses, quilts, etc. ANYWAYS back to the point

Today's Weight: 210.6lb
Weekly Loss: 0.2
Total Loss: 12.4

I'm totally happy with this. When I said earlier my free day was a bit freer than I wanted I mean the next time I stepped on the scale it said 217!!! So I just got back to business (nothing crazy) and got that indulgence food out. I'll try to stay better on track this week, more veggies, less cookies. [Cookies! my cousin made some for her boyfriend and left them on the counter saying I could help myself. 2 a day is my very hard limit I'm sticking least the boy will pick them up tonight!]

But staying on my random post, what quirky things have you come across on your journey? from abbreviations to some cool thing about yourself?


  1. Congrats on the weight Loss!!

    I like WWI, it is catchy.

    For quirky things from my journey; I'd say realizing that I can enjoy exercise. That I did not expect.

  2. I like WWI. This is indeed an epic battle!

  3. Congratulations on the loss!! :)