Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ab.Fab. Abs

I thought I would share my ab exercises with you…also hopefully make myself do them. Back in the days when I was seeing a physical therapist about my shin splints, I also asked about fixing my aching lower back. He said a lot of back pain comes from weak abs. So I was given about 6 exercises.

  1. Standard sit up. SLOWLY! three counts up and three down. (don’t forget relaxed neck). More advanced put legs up on stability ball to engage lower abs. x20
  2. Bridge. Lay on back with feet close to butt. Lift hips so shoulders to knees are in a straight line. Harder: put one foot on other knee. Advanced: lay on stability ball so lower back is off, then scoop abs down and back up to level. x30
  3. Lay on back, knees up at 90 degrees like the floor is the back of a chair, hands on knees. Slowly lower right hand down above head, and right leg down to tap the floor. Then do left side. Go slowly and concentrate on your back not coming off the floor. x20
  4. PLANK!! Balance on forearms, and toes. Hold for 30 sec. Keep entire body in straight line from shoulders to heels. x2
  5. Get on all fours. Keep your back flat and try not move it at all, like there a tea set on top of you. Slowly slide your toe along the floor until your leg is straight. (you may have seen exercises where you lift your leg up, I think the PT said to keep the leg on the ground because it’s better for the back, but I’m not sure.) More advanced: at the same time raise opposite arm out in front but don’t move that back!
  6. Stand with back flat against a wall arms at side. Slowly raise arms above head keeping hands on the wall. Keep lower back along wall by tightening abs. x15

OH yeah: I’m not a doctor!!!! I was given some exercises to help ME and thought I would share them. The rep numbers were approximates for me, do what you can, at whatever ability level you are. I am not a doctor these are just ideas, results not guaranteed!

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