Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm at home, in Michigan on vacation. I'm about to head down to the beach but thought I should write a quick note. Yesterday was a free day. Airplane "food", olive garden, dinner at a local place. There was a lot of grease, but I was too tired to care. I had gotten up about 6am (MI time) and didn't go to bed til about 11. That doesn't sound so bad but I usually don't get up til about 9am, and the night before a trip is always a restless one for me.

I'm about to head down to the beach! I haven't gone swimming in the longest time. I'm also going to log my food today. Unfortunately I brought my computer with me and we can't figure out the password to the internet :( This means I'm trying to blog, and email, and food log, quickly so I don't take up too much (not mine) computer time...which will give more time to the beach as well.


  1. I love a free day every once in a while. Have fun at the beach and put the computer away. Just be glad you have no oil on your beach and enjoy it. :)