Friday, July 23, 2010

Stormy Weather

Sitting at home just waiting for the storm to hit. I'm in my hometown on the shores of Lake Michigan. Yesterday the storm was mostly north of us, and today it's mostly south. A bit of rain both days. Thankfully it rains during the night.

Wednesday I hit the beach, and today I went down again. After the storm everything changed. The sandbar is in a different spot, and the beach has debris on it. My gramma put the fear of the lake in me, so when I go swimming by myself I always stay close in where I can always touch. Today I was with my aunt and we swam out much farther. We found the sandbar (after we thought it wasn't there and we came back in and then we swam a little farther than before and found it). Great swimming weather, big waves, but still swimmable and no undercurrent. My aunt and I then swam down to a local landmark about 75yards away. Halfway there we lost the sandbar and had to swim the entire time. TIRING!! After we got back to our towels we headed home and both took a nap. :)

I will post picture once I get home since I didn't bring the camera connector with me. Tomorrow my aunt, my cousin, and her 2 daughters are driving over and I can't wait to see them. One girl is turning 7! I think we're getting an ice cream cake! I'll have to swim for a long time, and go for a run haha.

I haven't been reading blogs so I'll have to catch up when I'm back in Montana. Hope your having a great week.

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