Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Hike" #5...or family time

There is a difference between doing an activity and making that same thing a family activity. For about a month I've been telling you about my healthy great hikes my aunt, uncle, and 2 friends have been doing. They were very straight forward: meet, hike, dinner, post to blog :)

Today was different!!! There was my aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin's boyfriend, boyfriend's mom, 2 dogs, family friend, aunt's sister, sister's boyfriend, and me. Whoo. We were planning on going to breakfast at 9am then off to the hike. I was ready at 9am. I got into the car and they said "we're not ready. This is just breakfast". After that we returned to my aunt's house to get ready and wait for my cousin. We got tired of waiting for cousin and decided to leave. Then the cousin called saying she was waiting for us to pick her up but that she would be on her way to the trailhead. The family friend started the caravan but jetted off and ended up taking the wrong fork going to a different trailhead. Friend then locked her keys inside her car and started to break a window. Luckily we figured where she had gone and picked her up before there was too much damage to any one or thing. Then all 11 of us finally met up and started our hike at 1:30pm. {yeah usually we start hiking by 9am today the plan started at about 11am} The family "motto" when in these crazy situations is "Making memories!"

Anyways some of the group only did the first part of the trail and then returned home, my aunt,uncle, friend and I hiked until 4pm. There were gorgeous waterfalls but of course I forgot my camera. I took some pictures with my phone and will post them if I can figure that all out. Just got back from the family dinner where I overate a bit, I think because today was a bit overwhelming. I also am not sleeping well :(. Tonight I will go to bed early and tomorrow is errands and packing for my vacation home!!!

Question today either: What was your family activity crazy story? OR Where/when is your vacation?


  1. My in-laws were driving my wife and I down an old ranch road for miles. We approached a steep muddy hill. Father-in-law thought we could make it, Mother-in-law begged him not to try it. We got stuck and had to hike back to the main road...9 miles, nearly total silence.

  2. My family is dysfunctional crazy so I avoid them in general. My in-laws are more like you described in your post. We have taken two trips with them in the last year. For a weekend (3day) trip to the beach they had to take 2 days off work to pack. The drive is 5 hours, they took 9 and we left late as always. Once we got there I had to take an hour to unload thier car for them. They had packed there bags so heavy they couldn't lift them...the drama ensued for the entire weekend. I try to avoid going anywhere with them.

  3. I go through this with my son and his wife and kids. We are ready to go and they have not even started to get ready. We plan on going out together and they are always an hour late or forgot something.