Monday, June 14, 2010

Stages of [?] Loss

So after this job loss I found/find myself going through the 5 stages. Then I started relating the stages to weight loss.

Job Loss
  • Denial: I wasn't doing that bad, I'm sure they'll call me back tomorrow
  • Anger: How could they do this to me!!!
  • Bargaining: Maybe I should call and explain myself, maybe if I spoke up earlier
  • Depression: I can't do anything right!!!
  • Acceptance: It's time for change. I wasn't that happy, and there is a job that is much better for me out there!!! :)
Weight Loss
  • Denial: I'm sure that donut was just 100 calories, I can have another
  • Anger: WHY isn't the scale moving!! I'm getting a new one.
  • Bargaining: Maybe I should've gone to the doc earlier, I should've handled the stress with words not food.
  • Depression: I can't do anything right!!!!
  • Acceptance: It's time for change. Wow I put good in, I get good out. I'm ready for more carrots! :)
I feel great today a little munchy but overall positive. I'm taking this change as me trying to fall back into easy ruts and I need to find a big girl research job and use my whole brain! Also the scale is moving in the right direction and I've been really active. Even if my brain isn't through all the stages it's like my body actually had a weight lifted off it!

Also renewed favorite thing: Bell Peppers and Roasted Garlic McCormick Spice!!! I added it to my tuna salad and it adds another depth to the flavor. Previously I've mixed it into hamburger patties and salad dressings. Spices add so much for so little.


  1. Bell Peppers and Roasted Garlic McCormick Spice... I have not seen this creation. I must find and find it soon! Glad to hear your approach to things is positive. And the scale cooperating, well done. I really like how you laid out these stages, I shall steal that if you don't mind and analyze myself similarly.

  2. I am going to Walmart to hunt for this new McCormick spice. I found your blog through Patrick and I am now a follower. Keepup the good work.

  3. It seems most of us go through the same story. Of course the details make the difference. But the real stories which should be heard by everyone have happy endings :) Just by reading your stages I went through them in that seconds! Good to know there are people who reach the acceptance stage. I'm slowly moving there.