Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Running and Yoga

Thanks so much for the great feedback. Especially Patrick!! I'm glad my post inspired you and thanks for linking to my site. I hope everyone loves the spices! Today rained. So my plants stayed in the planters. I did move them out of the garage for about and hour so the rain watered them, then back inside because thunderstorms are supposed to hit tonight.

Now to the fitness blogging...haha. I think I've inadvertently joined a running group. No I wasn't walking down the street and then thought I signed a petition. My aunt is a RUNNER! In the past month she's run a marathon and two 1/2 marathons. She's not an elite runner slow and steady kind. She's the one that has dragged me to this running club. Tonight was a run night. I signed up for the short run (1.5 miles). I ran with my aunt nice and slow. Previously I have only done 1mile continuous running. Today I ran about 1.2 miles!!! Then ran walked 50/50 for the rest! I'm so proud of myself. My legs hurt but I did it!!

Bad news, like previously stated it was raining. I was going to go to the gym after the run. My feet were soaking! I just went home and did my yoga tape, no shoes required :) Not sure if I've told you but my yoga tape is AWESOME. Bodywisdommedia's Yoga For Beginners. It says it's only 8 routines but there are 13. The voice over is a calm relaxing lady and she always reminds about alignment, breathing, and offers options for making moves easier. Also it's a reasonable price. Do you ever go to the store and look at the video's like $25 for 20mins no way! This is only like $15. There are seven 10-30min basic routines, and six 40-70 more advanced ones. Definitely a great deal if you just want to try out yoga. I'm not a full out yogi, I do love my elliptical, but about once a week I love yoga. It makes me feel stretchy. A great quote from Ellen in her Shape interview
"For someone like me, who loves to sweat
and push herself, it's a challenge to slow down,
to sit, to breathe and hold poses"


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