Sunday, June 13, 2010

I climbed a MOUNTAIN!!

...and I turned around, And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills....

No I wasn't just singing I actually went for a about 4 hour hike! I went out to breakfast with my aunt and uncle and they said they were going to "hike the M" and then go above it. Well the hike to the M takes about 45mins and is pretty nice. I felt pretty good so I went up with my family, we got to another stopping point and I just kept going up and up and up!
To help you understand why my legs aren't going to move tomorrow take a look at the picture of my beautiful town. Midway up the mountain range on the right side there's a white dot. That's a white stone M for the college that you can see all over town. Now "follow" the trail to the top of the ridge where theres a slight peak, striaght up and to the left a smidge. Then go left to about halfway between that peak and the next. Stop turn around and walk all the way to the bottom. Not into town, haha. About 1/3 of the way from the M-dot toward town.

I feel amazing!! Even though I don't want my job back it is not a confidence booster to be fired. Today reversed everything of yesterday. I HIKED AWESOMELY! again it was like 4 hrs at least, and I haven't been preparing for that at all. It started out as a 45min thing, and I couldn't stop. Is that what a "runner's high" is like? Like you hurt but you keep pushing yourself and then you stop hurting and start feeling great and just want to keep going and going!

My aunt says I have the body for hiking. a.k.a muscular legs, legs like trees, I like my big butt and i cannot lie! I run for 5 mins and I'm bored but hiking I love seeing new things and getting over that next peak. Maybe I'll never be a big runner but I think I will go out and get some fancy hiking stuff like a hat or water bottle!

Hope you're getting great weather too! Go out an get some wonderful sunshine and vitamin D!


  1. Posts like this are great; you can feel the excitement and joy in your words which you felt having gone on, and completed this mountain hike. Good for you!

  2. You go, girl! I can assure you I do NOT have the bod for hiking. I'm very impressed with your mountaintop experience. :)

    Love, Gracie-kins