Saturday, June 12, 2010


so I lost my job. Yeah blunt way to start the post but it's pretty much an explanation for the day. I had a review last week and I thought I was improving the points but I guess not. :( At the same time, I'm not really that bummed, just shocked. I should get a job that more relates to my degree hell even needs a degree. I think a major problem was that I wasn't passionate about it AT ALL.

Here's my question of the day: How do I get a research job? I have an advisor it's just hard because there isn't that much grant money out there just like there aren't that many jobs. Any advice would be great.


  1. Have you tried I have a friend that got a very good job that way.

  2. I'm so sorry you've lost your job, hon! ((hugs)) I wish I had some advice... I'll pray you get hired someplace great soon! I'm enjoying your blog and have become a follower.

    Love, Gracie-kins

    *note to Lori above me... :) Do you have a blog? I was lookin' and couldn't find a link for you.*