Friday, June 4, 2010


Not a review of my blog but a review of work. New employees got to sit with the manager. We went over my questions and also comments from older employees for all new people and specific ones for me. Don't know if you could guess but I don't take criticism well AT ALL! After the meeting I came home and laid in bed for 1.5hrs. Very luckily I don't have any sweets in my house so no binging. Once I was feeling a little better I got up and thought about how I would tell all of my lovely virtual friends.

Here's what I came up with. I'm very critical of myself. I started this blog to do some self evaluation and help me lose weight. "Self evaluation" yeah code for writing down all those thoughts and comments in my head to separate the good from the bad. And there is where my problem with criticism comes from. I criticize myself CONSTANTLY, what I'm wearing, what I say, what I'm going to say, how I do my job, oh and any and all things dealing with my weight. So today this thought came to me, I don't like employee reviews because I criticize myself plenty so other people shouldn't get to!!

Looks like a personal challenge is forming. I've read all those magazine articles about stopping internal negativism, but how? How do you tackle the little voices in your head? How to you take criticism better?

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  1. Girl,
    I hear ya! I have the same problem. I'll be watching the comments for any wise offerings. I need them too.