Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Binge There, Did That

Whoops, well maybe not whoops I did go to the store and buy that stuff and I kinda knew that was going to happen. My choices: frosting and cookie dough. I ate an entire 16oz container of the cookie dough and about 1/3 of the frosting container.

Not going to lie it was delicious! well parts of the "meal" were good. By the end of the dough container I was not enjoying it but figured..."well might as well finish it." Wow when I write it down it really seems like a bad decision. And now I feel gross. How many times do I have to say good in to get good out? I feel like the only person who doesn't listen to me...ok I don't think I'm that awesome, more like nobody listens to me....not even my brain!

All this makes me think. Why did this happen? I think I've been unsatisfied. I haven't made many meals for myself, which also mean I've been buying sandwiches and treats from work. Also I just went grocery shopping today, which correlates to eating the scraps and one item meals yesterday. Breakfast today was just almond butter and cinnamon. All the treats increases my need for treats. I wanted time to sit and enjoy and indulge in a sweet......that happened today but instead of enjoying I just indulged A LOT!!

I've been thinking of ways to avoid this. I hope making and planning meals and slowly enjoying a very few treats will help a lot. Oh and avoiding milk! No I don't have any attacks to report. I made a lot of milkshakes at work yesterday and I really wanted one! My embarrassment at telling you what would probably happen stopped me. Also on that note, what do you think of lactose free milk? I got one container and I'm not too keen on it.

Now I have yummy food, tenderloins for dinner and turkey for lunch and cereal for breakfast! I also made pie for my aunt and uncle. Surprisingly I can make pie and not eat it, unlike cookies. Wow that was a random post. I haven't had anything to review or anything specific to post. I guess all this blah feeling is oozing into my enthusiasm for this blog :( Good food and movement will help!! At least I'll try to keep telling myself that. Good food and movement! Good food and movement!

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  1. I have found that making and planning meals does do allot to help me stay honest and get results. You can make pie and not eat it? You are definitely moving in the right direction then, great!