Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sleepy Time

I've been having trouble sleeping. I try to get my 8hrs, but it takes a while for me to fall asleep and then I end up waking up multiple times during the night. Not only does it make me very tired in the morning but almost every weight loss thing you read says "Get sleep!"

I am on some antidepressants (I'm recovering from a stressful year). They have helped me sleep in the past and I asked my doctor about increasing my dose. My doctor suggested a new medicine that would be a better sleep aid. I started the new medicine on Friday. Sunday night I noticed some redness after my shower that I brushed off as redness from hot water. Later I scratched my arm and noticed a rash there as well. Then I looked at my stomach and other areas. There was a red rash almost continuous in some places, which meant this wasn't poison ivy. The only thing it could be was the new meds. AHHH.

I called my doctor and she agreed, and she put a note in my file about the reaction. I've never had a reaction to anything before! Not a new experience I was looking for but I learned to stay calm, figure it out, and call the doctor. So my new meds? benedryl before bed, to help with sleep and this reaction.

Also I'm a really good nap taker :) Today I worked 9hrs and then had a major headache so I drank water and took a nap when I finally got home. I feel a lot better but I'm sure it'll be hard to go to sleep tonight. This week I'll specifically work on not taking naps and getting a good sleep/nighttime routine.

Luckily my "weekend" starts tomorrow. As a barista, I work Friday through Tuesday, then have two days off! I love how much I can get done during the week when everyone is at work. New shoes, gardening, office work (my aunts on vacation), and some banking are on the list for the weekend.

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