Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Extra Post

I just finished my blog about sleep, but now I'm sitting here craving food....I just want to munch munch munch. So I decided to write about it instead of getting the pint of ice cream (non dairy).

It's so hard on these nights. I don't have to work for two days so tonight I'm catching up on TV staying up later than usual. Which means I just want to go to the kitchen constantly. The downstairs is a U shape. The couch is on the bottom wall. The kitchen on the right, the stairs on the left, and in that little section between the two sides is the wall with the TV. Can you picture it? So I'm sitting on the couch facing not only the TV but the KITCHEN!!! It's calling my name, and my teeth start wanting something to chew on!

Today cookies went bad. So I HAD to take two home, and I ate a half at work as well. Today wasn't such a good food day at work. We have a snack box for people on long shifts and people who just need a little bit of candy to get through the day. Well every time I went past it I had to have something. I'm not hungry, I'm not full or feeling gross but just fine. But the more I think about it I'm like "maybe I am hungry, is that a growl starting?" Urg I should just go to bed and brush my teeth.

I know its mindless eating, but I definitely have the angel and devil on my shoulders. This is one of my biggest problems. I get this NEED to eat. What is that? Why is that? It's a need in my body that can't be distracted away!! I've tried reading, knitting, doing my nails, and I still just want to scavenge in the kitchen.

So what should I do? What do you do? Maybe I'll try brushing my teeth right away. I think blogging has helped a little. Now I'm really off to bed and ready to start tomorrow fresh.

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