Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I tried to wait to get new shoes until I weighed 208. Well technically I was referring to athletic shoes. Today I bought casual shoes to wear to work, completely different. I bought a great pair of patagonia mary janes. I also got a pair of MBT!!! I've wanted some forever. The shoes are supposed to simulate walking on sand. First your heel sinks in then your foot rolls over the top of the sand. I'll wear them for a while then let you know more about the science of them and my review. I'm very excited about these!!

Today wasn't as great on the eating or motivation side. I only lost 0.2 lbs this week, I'm glad it's in the right direction but I was hoping for a bit more. The rash I have from the one med is just creating dry skin which means I'm itchy all the time all over. I tried an oatmeal face mask and using oatmeal body wash. It's getting better but frustrating. I was pretty hungry when I got home so I had a snickers bar.....then I was hungry a little later so I had another. Two bad choices made mainly because I was feeling down. But I heard someone say their niece ate snickers before marathons. So I took this to mean I could eat snickers and it will help my work out. Maybe this is a little faulty thinking but after I ate the second snickers I felt like I HAD to go to the gym. Like I only get the treat if I promise to work out.

Well I told myself I'd run as much as I could on the treadmill mostly some intervals and stay at least 1/2 hr. After 5mins of warming up I ran a WHOLE MILE!!! Thats only the second time I've ever run an entire mile. It's like I started running for just 6 mins and then my brain was like your skin is itchy, and all these little things are going wrong but your body CAN do this. You can run a mile!! I'm so proud of myself for doing that and not letting the little things get me down. After I walked 3mins then ran another 3 mins, and I walked faster than usually. Then I did 20mins on the arc trainer, too. My feet started hurting so I'm really looking forward to my new shoes!

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