Sunday, May 30, 2010

No Naps

I really do have good intentions, but I get hungry and sleepy. Yesterday I worked from 5:30am to noon and then slept/laid on the couch until 6. [overate a little but I was too tired to go pay anything really bad] Then some cleaning, dinner, and a movie then off to bed about 11. Finally fell asleep about 12 which made getting up at 5:45am to go to work until 1pm lets say a chore.

Today my goal was to not sleep. I thought it was going to be really difficult. Maybe the 4 cups of coffee I had at worked helped but I also stayed off the couch as much as I could. I vacuumed, gardened, went to the gym, and watched a few episodes of SVU! I feel pretty good now. After work I really wanted to lay down for 3 hrs but I just relaxed while I ate lunch and then forced myself to go get some vitamin D outside. Once I got started I weeded for a whole hour, me the anti gardener. Then I changed into gym clothes so I felt like I HAD to go. After dinner I decided to let you know how awesome I'm feeling haha. I'm sure bed in an hour and a half will feel good but now I'm doing great.

Its really one of those you get out what you put in. Yesterday I ate incomplete grab and go meals and acted like a lazy slob and that's how I felt. Today I ate better meals and moved my body and I feel so much better.

Hopefully I'll be able to handle the holiday crowd at work, and have a great cook out! Enjoy your day off (or like me some time and a half pay!)

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