Saturday, May 29, 2010

MBT Update

I wore the MBT anti-shoes to work the past 2 days. I had only been wearing them in the house because I couldn't return them if the shoes were worn outside. I had concerns the shoes were too small. This was fueled by reviews on many sites saying people had to go up a shoe size. So finally Wednesday I return to the store and got a bigger size shoe. And I walked out of the store in them, fating them to me. Or just taking the return option away.

I wore the shoes to work for a 7hr day and then a 6.5hr day. My feet feel good. I didn't wear my orthodics either day and I'm still standing. I didn't have that rush to take off my shoes the minute I walked in my door. I even was going to throw them on for a trip to the grocery store but I grabbed a pair which had a set of orthodics in them. I also checked out myself in a window and noticed a better posture!

So overall great review...but I'm still finding myself justifying the price. Like I haven't bought a good pair of shoes in a while, I need them for work, blah blah blah. As much as I like the shoes I'm not looking forward to the credit card bill.

Which leads me to my next question....what are weight loss rewards that don't cost much? On my list are a massage, new gym shoes, and similar things and now I'm thinking thats a lot of money. Oh and I'm planning a vacation which is always a money strain. Let me know what are simple but satisfying rewards and I'll try to update my list soon.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!


  1. Pedis around here can be as cheap as $25. I've given myself several trips to Goodwill for 'new' clothes. I get lots, and lots of complements on them and I just smile to myself knowing I only paid $4 for the almost new Talbot's skirt, or whatever it is.

  2. Hey there! Couple ideas for cheaper fun: other workout accessories (new sports bra, new socks, new pants). Itunes cards for new music for an Ipod. What about an hour reading gossip magazines or watching your favorite show per week for hitting weekly goal? Something that becomes a "treat" to do. Darn - I had another good one but I forgot! I'll post again if i remember. :)

  3. Okay - So I thought of my other idea at home last night - What about a magazine subscription to Self or Shape or something.... then you could have a once a month reminder that you hit a goal you set foryourself - and ideally, you could learn more tips to keep you going and motivated.