Friday, May 28, 2010

It's my Monday

Working at a coffee shop means I work outside the 9-5 M-F work week. Today was 6:15am to 3:15pm and I work Fri through Tues. So when everyone is in casual wear and ready for the weekend, I head to work. It sounds bad but it's awesome cuz I don't deal with many crabby people. It's also great to have Wednesday and Thursday off, it's amazing what you can get done while everyone else is in an office. Well it'd be amazing if I could do anything. On Wednesday I help my aunt at her office, and mentor a kid to help with his reading. And I sleep. I'm still not on a good sleep schedule I was staying up really late but this morning I had to work at 6am and tomorrow I open the store at 5:30am! It'll be better this week since I'm opening for a while and will probably get used to going to bed at 9pm soon.

Switching my sleep schedule means I have to switch my eating schedule as well. Like right now I want to eat more dinner but I already used most of my calories on my 2 lunches. I eat at 5am so I'm hungry by 10:30 then second lunch is around 2pm and dinner at 6pm. Oh and I'm surrounded by delicious pastries, and delicious sandwiches. It's so easy to say I'm hungry I'll get a sandwich! ciabatta bread loaded with turkey and mayo! I'll work harder on bringing my own lunch and having 3 meals and a snack not 4 big meals. A goal for next week I guess.

The gym is going great! I've gone 3 times this week and also did my yoga tape. I'm burning less calories going off what the machine says since I can FINALLY put my weight in as 215. Hovering around 217 for the past 6 months means I rounded up to 220 (the machines go in increments of 5) At 213 or 214 pretty currently means I put my weight in at 215. It feels sooooo great!

Off to bed for my first day as an opening cashier!!

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