Thursday, May 27, 2010

Magazine Monday?

I meant to have a Magazine Monday once a month. I was going to read that month's magazines, and report the cool things. Well thats not really my style, and I am not going to change! haha. I don't really have a bunch of time to read all my mags so I'm not going to put a time limit on it. I had time to go through that magazines today so I'm writing on Thursday. What I really do is after I buy this month's magazines, I go over last month's magazines and rip out the good workouts, sayings, or diets. I've just going through my "shape", "self", "first" May mags and have a pile of ripped out pages. Heres goes!
  • Lifting Weights can ease back pain! The snippet said the same thing my doctor said. A lot of back pain stems from weak abs soo get that booty on the floor and crunch
  • Reebok ZigTech shoes have foam in the heel to absorb impact to help with shin splints.
  • Ellen Pompeo shared a great ab work including plank-ups. You 5 reps of going from plank on your hands to plank on your elbows. up and down and up and down. I've tried it; intense!!!
  • All 3 mags had something on how to get past slip-ups. Honest whoops? forgive yourself. Bad Choice? next time you have this decision ask "will I be happy with this choice in an hour?" Snacking a bunch? maybe its time to change up your diet plan since you may not be satisfied. Pig Out like WHOA!!? a pouind is 3500 cals so how bad was your binge really, drink water, eat healthy (don't starve) with fiber so the bad food doesn't clog you up. and work out!
  • Shape had a great article with "In a perfect world vs, in the REAL world"
  • Strengthening shoulders and neck for 10 wks 3x a week reduced womens aches by almost 80%.
  • Exercise helps cellulite. I saw this on Dr Oz as well. He listed all these things like lipo and cellulite creams and said the #1 thing to get rid of cellulite is diet and exercise!!
  • Be cautious of Turkey burgers. Some are made with dark meat and skin!
  • And how to be fit forever? decompress regularly, reward your hard work, make new goals (first weight, then flexibility, then a marathon!), buddy up and journal food and feelings [that's why I'm here]
Have a great day!!
Moving Mertle

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