Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A good weigh in!!!

For the past two weeks I have only lost 0.2lbs each week. I know it's good that it's in the right direction but at the beginning of a new weight loss stint it's very annoying!!! I'm not sure if all my good work caught up with me or I just finally got past the plateau but this week I've lost weight!!!!

Weight: 214.2
Loss for week: 3.2
Loss total: 8!

Under 215 means I'm taking myself to a movie. I'm very excited! Now I just need to get some more sleep and I'll be a really happy camper. Now today is my Saturday but I have a mentoring thing and then helping my aunt with some office work. Tomorrow is like Sunday! Hopefully it will be sunny so I can finally finish up the yard, maybe go to a movie, and clean up the house.

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