Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Job

Today was the first day of my new job. It was great. After school and an office job, it was nice to stand up during the shift. I know my feet will hot be as happy after an 8 hr shift but I still enjoy getting off my butt.

Today I also did yoga. Thought it would be an easy break instead of running and weights.....I was wrong. I didn't even do very advanced stuff mostly planks and stretches but as soon as I stood up afterwards my legs were shaking!! It's amazing what a different angle will do.

TIP: Do different exercises. Everyone has their favorite exercise, but switching it up can move your muscles in different ways getting you more tone or out of a rut! When I just want to try something I go to the library and pick up a tape. If I really like an exercise I can buy it, but there's no pressure to start a whole new routine. This works for me since I live across the street from the public library but if you don't see what your friends have and swap. [I've read this in magazines about not getting bored and changing up how muscles move but I can't find a link right now sorry, but I swear the mags have had it!]

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