Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mastering Your LIFE

So I've been relaxing on my two days off. I had a couple of shifts until 11pm. Which doesn't sound too bad but last week my shifts started at 6am. So a funky sleep schedule a tired girl does make!!

I'm feeling much better now and can't wait for my early shift tomorrow...ok I can wait but I'll be ready for it. Today I started reading "Mastering Your Metabolism" by Jillian Michaels. I've only finished the first chapter so I'll let you know when I start the diet stuff. One great line was "This is not a book about being thin to be healthy. It's about being healthy to be thin" It really works for life outside of the book. Basically concentrate on eating right and moving each day. Having the scale control our lives isn't right, our lives control the scale. Ok so I talk a big game and I'm still doing the same things I've always done. But I can analyze a statement. It's a goal for us to work towards.

Speaking of dieting do you ever get a food you seem to always turn to? Right now I'm really into almond butter and honey on toast. Today I had it for breakfast AND dinner. I could probably have it again as a bed time snack and dinner. Whats your go to food or meal?

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