Friday, May 14, 2010


I think almost every dieter struggles with confidence. I know I would try to hide behind large clothes, avoid conversations while standing as sitting is more comfortable and the top half of me looks better, and do a lot of other things to hide my imperfections.

Then one summer I got a job on a resort. Think like the place in Dirty Dancing but the guest would stay a week instead of all summer. Well as a staffer we had 4 main jobs: waiter, kitchen, kids, or waterfront. On waterfront we would watch the swimmers to make sure they were safe, help people with kayaks and canoes and motor boats, and help guest water ski. The 4 people on waterfront would rotates between these jobs by walking across the beach and going to a different dock. Oh and everyone was in a swimsuit!!! Yeah although I love swimming, walking around in a swimsuit was something I could avoid forever!! When I first got this job and had to rotate, I would completely cover myself, walk the long way around the beach trying to avoid the majority of beach goers eyes. I ended up taking at least 5 minutes longer than I should have and always having my towel with me meant it usually got soaking wet in 2 minutes. My insecurities were making me do a bad job. So I finally said to myself :


I said that meaning I have a job to do. I have to help people relax on vacation and make sure they're kids are safe and to be efficient I need to walk through the front of the beach without a towel. I know I have cellulite and a belly but I'm here working for you and making sure the beach is safe so I'm going to care about that more than how I look.

So thats my advice. Anytime your at the beach, enjoy your time with your family and friends no matter how you look because you can't change anything during the few hours you're there except your attitude. Or walking through the grocery store or at work, think I have a reason to be here and I'm not going to let how I look disrupt how good I am at this.

Does this make any sense? That little saying has helped me a lot and I wanted to share it with all of you. Of course I'm NOT saying you can NEVER change. Thats what you're working on now, eating right, getting moving more, etc. But that all takes times and think of all the good things you might miss by saying you're not worthy until you lose weight. Losing weight is about making a better you inside and out.

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