Tuesday, May 11, 2010

End of Week 2

So I weighed myself on Tuesday this week for two reasons. I really don't like having weigh ins on Monday it puts a lot of pressure on the weekend, I'll probably weigh in on Wednesday next week. Also Sunday was a BAD day. Went out to eat with family for breakfast and dinner. Dinner was really late and I knew the 3 pound gain I had wasn't permanent. This morning the scale was a little more forgiving. This weeks weight loss was 0.2lbs. Essentially nothing but I'm really glad I didn't gain.

I'm starting my second week of work and figuring out my schedule. The first week was a little rough getting used to working some days at 6am and also being on my feet for 8hrs. Definitely getting prepared to step it up this week!


  1. ANYTHING other than a gain is a good thing!!!!!!!

  2. Just found your blog...I can't wait to watch you shrink.

    My favorite foods are meats & sweets. I pretty much hate all veggies. I've challenged myself to try one new vegetable each week. Two weeks in, I'm 1-1. One I actually liked, the other tasteless. I'm thinking why waste my time.