Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm feeling SOO good!

I honestly cannot say why today was different than the previous days. It was one of those everything falling into place days. All around great day. I checked my weight and it was down!! More than a tenth of a pound like the previous weeks. I'll work not to ruin everything this weekend but I'm soo excited the needle is moving again! I walked the dog, had a great breakfast and headed to work. Today I only worked 6hrs, which is a lot easier than a 9hr shift. I was amazed when the girls said you can go home now! A quick walk for the dog, and I ate my lunch that I wasn't really hungry for earlier. I then did the 70min routine on my yoga tape. I couldn't stand going to the gym, working on the arc trainer, or weights. It felt so great to stretch my legs, and completely relax. I was so loose afterwards I felt like spaghetti, haha.

TIP TIME: to anyone who is stuck in a rut, just keep going. The scale for me has move 0.4lb in about 3 weeks and FINALLY it's moving again. Try something different too, maybe yoga, a new fish recipe, or walking to work. Keep up good habits, they'll pay off in the end. Bad habits will pay off with diabetes, feeling lethargic, and all those things we're trying to move away from. Don't give up, you'll have a great day soon too!

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